Team Slovakia as the winner of the International Team Championship 2023

The International Team Championship (ITC) 2023 is held every year on the occasion of the Congress of The Confederation of Professional Golf (CPG). The delegates were Peter Petrovič and Pavol Bielik, and PGA Slovakia was represented by Adam Puchmelter (C), Juraj Zvarík and Michal Brezovský.

In addition to introducing new information in the field of professional golf, there was an election to the CPG board of directors. The Presidium of PGA Slovakia nominated Pavel Bielik. During the election, Pavol Bielik received a surprisingly large number of votes, which was not enough for official inclusion in the CPG board of directors, but the CPG board of directors accepted Pavol Bielik as an observer and advisor.

While the delegates of the individual PGA organizations were negotiating, the International Teaching Professional Team Championship was being played on the Fontana course. On the leadboard, the delegates watched the performance of Team Slovakia, who were first from the start.

Adam Puchmelter (C), Juraj Zvarík and Michal Brezovský played an excellent game on the Fontana course, which was spiced up by a Hole In One by Adam Puchmelter on the 15th hole. Slovak players were in first place at the end of the shortened tournament with a result of -10. Adam Puchmelter -10/62, Juraj Zvarík E/72 and Michal Brezovský +5/77.

For the first time in the history of the organization, since 1990, this event was won by Slovak players Adam Puchmelter (C), Juraj Zvarík and Michal Brezovský, and for the first time in history they won both tournament categories of the International Team Championship [ITC] Sandy Jones Trophy and also the International Team Shield.

Big congratulations, this year was more than successful at the CPG Congress.

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